Lee County, Fla. – Former Young America’s Foundation (YAF) President, Ron Robinson has endorsed Ford O’Connell for State House.

“I proudly endorse Ford O’Connell for Florida House District-77. Like his grandfather, Henry Salvatori, Ford is a constitutional conservative who possesses a deep devotion to the founding principles of our great nation. He will ardently fight against the indoctrination of our children and stand up for parental rights. Ford will work hard and never back down. He is the right man at this critical juncture to put Florida and America first,” said Robinson.

O’Connell’s response: “I am humbled to receive Ron’s endorsement. Young America Foundation (YAF) has been at the forefront of our fight for freedom in the United States and Ron led the way for over four decades at its helm. Ron and YAF have helped drive the conservative movement from President Regan’s Administration to Supreme court victories for students’ rights and I am thankful for this badge of honor Ron has bestowed upon me.”

 Background: Ron Robinson was President of Young America’s Foundation for over four decades. He was formerly president of the International Youth Year Commission and the United States Youth Council and executive director of Young Americans for Freedom. He was an advisor to the U.S. Department of Education during the Reagan Administration. Robinson led YAF through two successful landmark Supreme Court victories for student rights, the inauguration and development of the National Conservative Student Conference and the National High School Leadership Conference held annually in Washington; and the Foundation’s effort to save Ronald Reagan’s ranch.


To learn more about Ford’s campaign for State House District 77, please visit his website at