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Illegal Immigration

We MUST protect our nation’s sovereignty, secure America’s borders, build the wall on the southern border, close the asylum and immigration loopholes to end chain migration, end sanctuary cities, and require employers to use E-Verify.

Parental Rights/CRT

Parents know what is best for their children. I will fight the woke agenda and mask mandates in the classroom. Our kids should be in school to learn free from a political agenda. Schools should teach about the way our country was founded on a noble vision of freedom and equality by our Founding Fathers, rather than about Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Economy/Balanced Budget

Inflation, rent, housing, gas, and food prices are out of control. The key to Southwest Florida’s economic success and quality of life has been low taxes and minimal regulations including prohibiting overreaching COVID mandates. I will fight to block any new taxes and to keep the federal government out of our backyard. You know how to spend your money better than politicians do.

We balance our checkbooks every month and so should politicians. Endless debt is a threat to our national security, and I will fight wasteful spending.

Rein In Big Tech Censorship

Florida must do more to rein in Big Tech censorship. The restrictions by technology platforms on free speech are a threat to the open exchange of ideas and to our democracy. Tech companies should clearly explain their moderation policies and be held accountable for their biased mistakes.

Voter Integrity

I believe in one U.S. citizen, one vote. There should be a full forensic audit of the election. Anyone who interferes with our election is committing a felony. We need to restore faith in our elections. I also believe proof of U.S. citizenship should be required to vote.

Constitutional Carry

As a Life Member of the NRA and Florida Carry, I will stand up and fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and I will not tolerate any type of federal or state overreach of our Constitutional right to bear arms. I fully support constitutional carry in Florida.

Back Our Law Enforcement and First Responders

Our law enforcement officers, and first responders are heroes. These men and women put their lives on the line every day and deal with unspeakable atrocities, so that we are safe. They deserve our support and our admiration.

Right to Life

We must protect the sanctity of life, from conception until natural death.


We owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our veterans who have so proudly served and protected our great nation. I will fight to ensure our veterans get the access to care and resources they need, and the honor and respect they deserve.


Chinese technological capabilities and military strength are growing at an alarming rate, and we must deter their expansionist efforts. The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest threat to the United States in the 21st Century. Florida must continue to decouple its supply chain and end its economic dependence on China.


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